Donald J. Trump - Robert De Niro - Critics, Facts and Warnings

Donald J. Trump is a fascist and, in my opinion, committed the crime of High Treason against the United States of North America. In my view, he is one of the most dangerous western heritors of Benito Mussolini and Giovanni Gentile.
Allow me to stress again and again…
TREASON: Treason is the only crime defined in the U.S. Constitution. According to Article III, Section 3. The elements of treason are the same under state and federal law.
Again and again…
Critics, facts and warnings… well just an essential warning from Mr. Robert De Niro dating back to 2016 when he warned his fellow countrywomen and countrymen as well as the world about both the danger and the “rise of Trump” in the USA.

Robert De Niro - [ VIDEO ]

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