Is Humour the highest form of Humanism? - The Great Dictator & Putin

Is Humour the highest form of Humanism? I’m really tempted to say, yes! For those who did not yet understand: Humour, is not “really funny”; that is why comedy is the ultimate acting process. Wait, some would argue, this is contradictory; yes, indeed, and so is life.

From Charles Chaplin’s “The Great Dictator” up to Ricky Gervais and Tom Walker "Jonathan Pie"… and everything in between including Sir Winston (yes – Churchill) who once said, “You can always count on the Americans to do the right thing after they have tried everything else.” Well, Sir Winston, not only Americans but many others… including Britons, Frenchs … e.g. Macron’s ridiculous self-serving bourgeois naive-incompetence is worthy Johnson’s neurotic-acrobatics when it comes to lies and privileges.

I hope that now is the moment to renew the so-called free-world democracies; but, how?!? Well, as a teenage activist would correctly say: STOP - the institutional shame i.e. impunities, immunities, abhorred pardons and all sorts of lawmakers’ criminal shields and ruling classes privileges, which cause an unsustainable charade and a well know system where any notion of justice accountability is valid only for us, “anonymous individuals”.

Maybe, some would understand why “real” Humour isn’t funny at all…

Putin will not stop for a fascist never stops and the “free-world” State managers decided not to go “really” further because of their own economic traps and their acceptance to Putin’s politics of fear.

Meanwhile, we watch the horror and ask, what is next - whatever next?

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