The Wall Street Journal - Maximianno Cobra - Beethoven Ninth Symphony

The Wall Street Journal has contacted me in 2003 for a consultation about the rather problematic subject concerning the choice of the appropriate lyrics for the European anthem i.e. Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony “Ode to Joy” - 4th movement - main theme.

My answer remains the same - Quote: (…) "Schiller's text is the text," says Maximianno Cobra, a Paris-based music historian, who would rather see a translation contest. (…)

However, in my view, the symbolic choice to adopt an “Anthem without Lyrics” was and is the better decision for it rises the “language of music” as the ultimate “language of Union”; thus, all languages are melted in one and each individual can relate to the anthem in an intimate and ineffable way.

Maximianno Cobra

Full article available on: [ The Wall Street Journal ]

The Wall Street Journal - Maximianno Cobra

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