Misanthropos - Pre-Production notes: - First Rehearsals

London - UK, 1 Year casting process finished = 3 rounds = Breath-taking, heart-moving results.

All actors matching the archetypes of their roles and all of them with a deep knowledge and inexorable respect to Shakespeare’s legacy.

The first week of rehearsals was, in one word, symbiotic. We all know that first, we must find the character in order to search for the character and go in quest of its truth – Textual, then physical, then “spiritual”.

Reality, Poetry and Truth of Character - three balls that we have to juggle with all the time. The three should never be split. Any actor who does split them run into problems. In Shakespeare the character and the poetry go together. More than that, they are one. Yet of course, it is easier said than done. It's hard to keep those three balls in the air. Misanthropos’ cast have just launched them and the air circle is on the move!

Thank you - Actors: James, David, Declan, Martin, Sarah, Ellis, Paige, Heidi, Mark, Bruce, John, Tim, Daniel, David, Robert, Saul, Jack and Connor. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and full commitment!

Thank you – producers: Gloria Daniels-Moss and Alma Andreescu: The Makers!

Thank you all for your interest and support! Indeed, again and again, “Unto the breach - dear friends” and: Road to a new Motion Picture!


Maximianno Cobra

NB: The full cast info. will be released by the Production in due time. Yet, if you search your intuition, you will find them.

Maximianno Cobra Edition

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