NO WAR ! - Vladimir Putin - Post-fascist "leader"

One must keep repeating - again and again: we do not play games with history. Surprise? No, there is no surprise. Putin has always been beyond “oligarchism and authoritarianism”; in fact, he is the most dangerous post-fascist “leader” in the world.

Fascism is an inhuman doctrine based on irrational impulse and ruthless force, which can also be defined by the hyper-development of any primordial instinct related to the will to power.

The so-called free world has safeguards against post-fascists “leaders” like Trump, Bolsonaro as well as extremely dangerous post-fascists aspirants like Eric Zemmour. However, the major contemporary issue with Russia is that it never had any structural safeguard against oligarchism, authoritarianism, and the rise of a post-fascism regime like the one Vladimir Putin and his accomplices built since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

War can only bring suffering, desolation, annihilation, and destruction. Anyone who imposes this ultimate act of monstrosity is not only a criminal; he or she becomes the very negation of any human concept.


Peace is the ultimate cause of the human construction.

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