Maximianno Cobra - Metropolis Symphony Op. 1 "Ordo ab Chao" - Streaming

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METROPOLIS - Fritz Lang - New Version "Cobra - 2022" - 3 Hours - New English Intertitles & Music Soundtrack Maximianno Cobra
YouTube - TEMPUS Collection & Molère Channel: YouTube - Streaming Premiere

Music - Original Score and Soundtrack
“Metropolis - Ordo ab Chao” Symphony
by Maximianno Cobra

Recorded by TEMPUS Collection - Europa Philharmonia Orchestra

Post-production & Mastering

Available on 4K UHD
Stereo (2.0) – 5.1 – 7.1

This motion picture © UFA GmbH - 1927
Screenplay © Maximianno Cobra - 2022
All original music compositions © Maximianno Cobra - 2022

All material is protected by Copyright Laws throughout the world. All rights reserved. Licensed by Maximianno Cobra - TEMPUS Collection - Imaginary International Ltd.

Any unauthorised exhibition, distribution or copying of this film or any part thereof (including soundtrack) is an infringement of the relevant copyright and will subject the infringer to severe
civil and criminal penalties.

Screen Adaptation - Co-Production : MISANTHROPOS – [ Official Website ]
Adapted by Maximianno Cobra, from Shakespeare's "Timon of Athens", the film exposes the timeless challenge of social hypocrisy, disillusion and annihilation against the poetics of friendship, love, and beauty.

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Maximianno Cobra Edition

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